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Short Stabilized EPO-Peptide as Side-Effect-Free Therapeutic Agents for Multiple Sclerosis and Acute Brain Trauma

We have synthesized short cyclic erythropoietin peptides that are side-effect-free, and our lead compound (JM4) is highly effective in blocking clinical progression and inflammatory neuropathology in a preclinical animal model of traumatic brain injury as well as animal models of multiple sclerosis. Both conditions are common human neurologic disorders that affect every age group with long‐term consequences, and there is a pressing medical need to bring new effective side-effect-free therapeutic agents for these diseases to the bedside. There is, in fact, no effective therapy for acute traumatic brain injury.

This proposal seeks support from the NCATS BrIDGs program for advice and aid on all aspects of the preclinical development process, including manufacture of GMP-grade JM-4, pharmacokinetic/ADME, and IND enabling toxicology studies. With the support of the NIH as described above, we are highly optimistic that we can carry this compound through phase I/II studies.

Key Investigators

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
Peter Dowling, M.D.
Stuart Cook, M.D.
Robert Heary, M.D.

Public Health Impact

We have developed a new class of small molecule intervention that is effective in animal models of traumatic brain injury and multiple sclerosis. Development of this side-effect-free compound for the clinic could lead to major advances in the treatment of these two conditions.


Approved studies are ongoing.

Project Details

  • Synthesis of GMP and non-GMP material
  • Formulation development
  • PK/ADME studies
  • IND-directed toxicology


Tony Jackson