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Medical College of Wisconsin Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Kathleen Schmainda, Ph.D. and Melissa Wagner Schuman

Kathleen Schmainda, Ph.D., professor of radiology and biophysics, uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods capable of measuring the movement of tissue water to demonstrate the potential to track the progress of tumors and, possibly, their invasion. She is pictured mentoring Melissa Wagner Schuman, a graduate student in the Medical Scientist Training Program. Inset: diffusion tensor imaging, MRI of white matter tracts. (Mark Dersen Photo)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Principal Investigator
Reza Shaker, M.D., Medical College of Wisconsin


The goal of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) is to create a borderless, collaborative environment for biomedical researchers, health care providers, educators, citizens and industry to work together synergistically and translate discoveries into better health for our citizens. CTSI has constructed a unique academic community partnership, building on the long collaborative history among the major academic and health care institutions in Wisconsin.

To accomplish this transformation, CTSI is: 1) developing a distinct academic home for the discipline of clinical and translational science, which transcends intra- and interinstitutional barriers and empowers experienced leadership to have the authority and resources to promote, facilitate, coordinate and foster the continuum of translational research from bench to bedside, to clinical practices, and to our communities; 2) increasing the number of investigators participating in clinical research through innovative programs; and 3) engaging clinical practices and the community in research that enhances public health. To train clinicians and basic scientists in the emerging discipline of clinical and translational science, CTSI has launched a Ph.D. program in basic and translational research and a Master of Science degree in clinical and translational science and is developing a Ph.D. program in Clinical and Translational Health Sciences for health professionals.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Madison, Wisconsin

Principal Investigator
Marc K. Drezner, M.D., University of Wisconsin–Madison


The University of Wisconsin-Madison, through its Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR), addresses how to translate biomedical discoveries into practices that improve health. ICTR has taken a new approach to research by producing interdisciplinary research scientists who can address health problems along a continuum — from basic laboratory investigations through clinical trials in patients and into population health studies in communities. The institute provides researchers with an array of tools and creates feedback systems to ensure that research is relevant and addresses the health care needs of populations in Wisconsin.

The institute serves as the hub of a network that fans across the university and extends around the state. People based at five schools on campus and several hospitals in Madison are involved as are experts at academic campuses on all points of the Badger State compass. New and existing statewide partnerships have been enhanced. Physicians and public health workers in towns and communities throughout the state are essential players.

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