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University of Washington Institute of Translational Health Sciences

Dr. Mary Disis and Vivian Goodell

Mary "Nora" Disis, M.D., (right) and researcher Vivian Goodell are conducting research to develop a cancer vaccine that would work like immunizations against infectious diseases. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer Photo/Paul Joseph Brown)

Seattle, Washington

Principal Investigator
Mary L. Disis, M.D., University of Washington


The Institute of Translational Health Sciences represents a consortium of six University of Washington (UW) health science professional schools with multiple partners that cover 12 performance sites, involve 67 scientific key personnel and connect researchers to over 150 centers. In addition, the Institute of Translational Health Sciences integrates major research and clinical institutions across a five-state region: Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho (WWAMI) via ongoing clinical and research collaboration pathways that are part of the WWAMI program led by the UW School of Medicine.

A unique feature of this CTSA site is its community engagement plan, which considers diversity across race, ethnicity, culture, rural and urban locations, geography, health status, and health service delivery, with a targeted program for Alaska Natives and American Indians. The Institute of Translational Health Sciences supports an integrated ethics program, linking adult and pediatric medical centers and the community. An additional unique feature is the site's advanced capability for therapeutic product development and clinical testing that will enhance future health care throughout the region. The Institute of Translational Health Sciences will foster new health sciences interactions across the sites through a variety of technology, education and research support cores. The institute guides, supports and facilitates translational research efforts that focus on expanded information collection, sharing and analysis, innovative scientific technologies, and critical support services aimed at accelerating health sciences research.

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